Want to be Powerfully Productive? Try Taking a Power Nap

Want to be Powerfully Productive? Try Taking a Power Nap

There once was a school of thought that taking time out of your day to nap meant you were weak and couldn’t stand up to the normal stresses and strains of everyday life. In a word, you were considered less productive than those who refused to nap.

But new studies have proven that taking a power nap everyday actually increases your production. This is especially true for those who train in the mornings on their own or with the help of a life coach/certified trainer . If you are the type to get up extra early to work your body and then spend four hours working your mind at your job, chances are your body is going to need an energy boost in the early afternoon.

While eating a nutritious lunch is important, so is taking a twenty-minute rest. Enter the power nap. According to a recent report by Casper, if you haven’t familiarized yourself with power naps, they are short sleep intervals designed to get you through the day, However, the naps are not so long that they end up interrupting your sleep cycle and bogging down your day.

But if you are a big fan of the power nap, you are said to be in good company. John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, and even Leonardo Da Vinci, were all big power nappers when the afternoon rolled around.

The benefits of power napping are many. They include increased productivity, improved concentration, elevated mood, and more. Napping is said to be so beneficial for busy people that -on-the-go napping sites and apps are becoming more and more popular.

If you are presently unsure how to go about incorporating a short, power nap into your daily schedule just follow some of these tips to get started.

All You Need is 20 Minutes

Experts say that twenty minutes is “the sweet spot” for a power nap that will leave you feeling rested without all the grogginess that can accompany longer naps. The timing allows for three minutes of stage-two sleep which is known to provide the mind and body with recuperative effects. But if you are going to take a longer nap, try for 90 minutes which will give you one full sleep cycle. You will awaken rested and not groggy.

Conditions for Falling to Sleep Fast

One of the primary goals of a power nap is to fall asleep quickly so you can make the most of those twenty minutes. In order to accomplish this, establish the most optimal sleeping conditions possible. Maybe you can find a nice quiet place to sleep. If you can’t avoid the everyday noises occurring all around you, try a white noise machine. If you’re napping at home, get in bed with the curtains closed. If you find yourself in a brightly lit area, try a sleep mask.

Don’t Bother with Power Naps if You’re Not Tired

It’s always tempting to lie down for a nap if you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands during the working day. It only makes sense to take your power nap if you’re feeling tired and spent. But if you’re not tired, it makes no sense to fall asleep. You can either meditate for those twenty minutes or you can even take a walk and think about ways to improve yourself and make your life better.

Try to Nap at the Same Time Everyday

Choosing the right time to power nap only makes sense. Studies show that the best time to nap is around eight to nine hours after your usual morning wake-up time. This is when there is said to be a dip in the circadian alerting signal and when sleepiness appears.

Naps can be a real positive addition to your day, especially if you’re an athlete who uses your body and mind to the max on a daily basis. Power naps provide energy, increased production, and a more positive attitude. But remember not to nap too close to bedtime or you will have trouble sleeping at night.

Mary Clark is a recently retired and decorated Colonel in the New York State Troopers. One of

the highest-ranking female law enforcement officials in New York State, she served for more than

three decades. Today she devotes herself to helping others achieve their life goals through a

combination of physical fitness, achieving an optimal mindset, and life balance.

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