There is No Excuse Whatsoever Not to Get in Shape

There is No Excuse Whatsoever Not to Get in Shape

Maybe you’ve turned the corner on 60 or 70 years of age. Maybe you’re so overweight you can’t make the stairs without having to stop half-way just to catch your breath. Maybe you’ve become so used to sitting on the couch, enjoying too many alcoholic beverages, expanding your stomach with junk food, and making mashed potatoes of your brain with mindless TV programs, that even the thought of moving your body seems like a bad joke.

But here’s the truth about getting in shape: You’re never too old. You’re never too out of shape. And you can change your mindset with the help of a personal trainer who will also g ive you life coaching lessons. In other words, she will motivate you to engage in physical and emotional activity that you never before thought yourself capable.

If you’re still not convinced anything is possible when it comes to getting in shape, just take the case of one of the world’s most famous athletes, Arnold Schwarzenegger. After undergoing not his first, but his third open heart surgery while in his 70s, he could have easily called it quits when it came to staying in shape. Instead, he accepted the challenge of getting out of bed, using a walker, and taking baby steps to eventually get his body back into optimum shape.

According to one of his recent motivational blogs, Arnold said he’s heard a lot of people say they’re too old or injured to start training. But he states emphatically that it’s never too late. No matter how old a person is or what health problems you find yourself dealing with, training will only improve your quality of life.

The Proof is in the Research

Countless research studies have demonstrated how resistance training not only increases your bone density, but it helps protect the mind from dementia. It also helps prevent osteoporosis, lowers the risk of cancer, helps to keep heart disease to a minimum, and will protect you from serious injury should you suffer a slip and fall situation.

There are more benefits, but there’s not enough space to list them all. But if you notice that all the above are common problems that go hand in hand with aging, you’re not wrong. That’s why it’s so important to begin a program of resistance training and cardio training with the help of a personal trainer as soon as possible.

“What Matters is that You Start.”

Says Arnold. it doesn’t matter if you’re starting from nothing. “What matters is that you start.” And he should know. Even though he was Mr. Universe and the Terminator, Arnold had to start from scratch after going through his third open heart surgery. This meant beginning by learning how to walk again with a walker! Just a few steps at a time until he could build up his strength and his oxygen levels. He even had to do breathing exercises to ward off pneumonia.

When he was discharged from the hospital, he began to walk his property several times per day. He then hit his home gym and began training with very light weights. It was a long, and arduous journey, but Arnold was determined to get back in shape. After all, there is no excuse whatsoever not to get in shape. Within three months, was back in shape enough to reprise his iconic role in Terminator 6.

You can see Arnold’s comeback from his third open-heart surgery in this video.

Starting from Scratch: Coming Back from Heart Surgery 

It bears repeating, there is absolutely no excuse not to start getting in shape. If you find it impossible to get in shape on your own, you need to hire the best personal trainer/life coach you can find who can work with you either in person or online or both. You will not only live longer, your quality of life will be far better than you could have ever imagined.

Mary Clark is a recently retired and decorated Colonel in the New York State Troopers. One of

the highest-ranking female law enforcement officials in New York State, she served for more than

three decades. Today she devotes herself to helping others achieve their life goals through a

combination of physical fitness, achieving an optimal mindset, and life balance.

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