Power Naps, a Midday Siesta, Yes or No?

Since I was a little girl, I have been able to sneak in a power nap—twenty minutes at most. I always take one around lunchtime, waking up rejuvenated and ready to go. I am not sure I am sleeping the entire time, but I am peacefully resting, which has greatly benefited my mental health. 

According to verywellmind, a quick na p can help re lieve stress and make you more productive throughout the day. Naps are typically associated with babies and small children and diminish in length as a child ages, becoming less frequent and then showing up again when an individual approaches 60.   

Many individuals work through drowsiness in the afternoon, and power naps have been associated with many benefits, including reduced stress, better focus, critical thinking, and more patience, along with health benefits.

Unfortunately, the United States is not one of those “lucky” countries that participate in a midday siesta. Power naps are short and sweet, but according to Cleveland Clinic, they are not for everyone. 

Sleep Cycle

Power naps are part of our natural sleep cycle, which lasts approximately 90 minutes. As a person sleeps, they cycle through three stages: light sleep, deep sleep, and finally, REM (rapid-eye movement) sleep, where dreams occur. The average person passes through this cycle 5 to 6 times a night, averaging 7-9 hours of sleep. Power naps might be the answer if you are not getting your proper sleep during the night. Naps help balance an individual's sleep deficit, leaving them ready to conquer the rest of their day.

Length of a Power Nap

If you make it through an entire sleep cycle for a power nap, you will probably wake up sluggish and perhaps grouchy. Short power naps, ten to thirty minutes, may prevent you from waking up in a groggy. According to verywellmind, shift work ers, pilots, and elite athletes can experience better performance and recovery after a power nap. 

Benefits of a Power Nap

Power naps have always made me a “more sociable person. " Many of my family members will tell you they have encouraged me to nap because they can sense my impatience and mood swings. They help balance my sleep deficit because I toss and turn all night. The bottom line, power naps can benefit both sides of the equation., helping both the sleep-deprived and the individual who crashes as soon as their head hits the pillow. 

Power Nap Benefits

Focus, concentration, critical thinking


Reaction time



For me, MOOD, Thank God!

Power Nap Tips


Find a quiet area

Close the curtains and blinds, grab an eye mask

Cool temps

Early afternoon (so it does not affect your sleep at night)

Relaxing music

Grab a blanket

Set an alarm

The bottom line is that you should try it; you might like it. 

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